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Rahamoniv Heritage The story begins with a young man who found himself in a new country and who went to work cutting diamonds to help support his family. His journey from Russia to Israel took almost four years, and while the work was arduous, he discovered he had a natural talent for cutting diamonds. The young man, Moshe Rahaminov, and his older brother decided to move to Valenza Po, Italy because they understood the Italian appreciation for fine jewelry and diamonds and thought they'd have a chance to succeed using their diamond cutting skills. There Rahaminov Diamonds was born.The Rahaminov brothers found their talents in demand and quickly developed a reputation for the highest quality cut stones and exceptional customer service. For over 70 years, Rahaminov Diamonds has been a trusted purveyor of diamonds to the trade and providers of top-quality, beautifully cut large and rare diamonds to fine jewelry retailers worldwide. Moshe Rahaminov's daughter Tamara, herself a Graduate Gemologist schooled in the family business, met her husband Amir Goldfiner while she was studying at the Gemological Institute of America. With Amir's vision and business savvy, together they opened the Los Angeles office of Rahaminov Diamonds in 1989 to continue the family tradition of wholesaling loose diamonds. Amir and Tamara virtually built the company stone by stone. Amir's personal relationships with customers and Tamara's remarkable designs have skyrocketed their brand to new levels of success.