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First established in 1977, Roberto Coin produced international jewelry. The Roberto Coin jewelry brand was introduced in 1996. Within six years the brand ranked first in Italy and third internationally. Today, Roberto Coin is one of the world's top designers ("Ambassador of Italian Style"), receiving worldwide appreciation from high-class society. The Roberto Coin brand is the seventh best known jewelry brand in the United States. Roberto Coin has seven boutiques around the world—the first store opened in Dubai in 2007. Boutique locations include Rome, Italy; Venice, Italy; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Macua, China; Baku, Azerbaijan; Atlanta, Georgia; and Ver Beach, Florida.


Roberto Coin's designs are timeless and ageless, incorporating intricate and unique designs using yellow gold and diamonds. Pieces include pendants, hearts, diamonds, rings, bracelets, crosses, earrings, and necklaces. Ancient Egyptians believed that touching rubies brought the wearer peace, health, happiness, long life, and fortune. Ancient women thought rubies promoted fertility. In Roberto Coin's signature collection, Appassionata, he began using rubies. Since then the tradition of using rubies and rubellite in his unique creations was established—the secret gift of good wishes bestowed.


Fine jewelry is a work of art. Roberto Coin's creations are experimentations of lights, shapes, and colors, and new interpretations, mixing passion, creativity, fantasy, intuition, and creative exuberance with aesthetic sensitivity. His pieces are the result of an ongoing journey among different cultures, multiethnic influences, and the past, present, and future. Roberto Coin's work continues to evolve and expand, the distinctive mark of his brand. Throughout the years, Roberto Coin has added gems and diamonds to the original main feature, gold. He uses only high quality materials and craftsmanship. Every year, the company produces more than 600 unique pieces, an outstanding record.